Urgup Balloons is a leading hot air balloon company founded in 2008, operating in Cappadocia for 11 years. It provides flight services to its guests in Standard, Comfort, Deluxe and Special Flight categories. Urgup Balloons always keeps job security at the front. It offers excellent service with its experienced and dynamic team.

Website: https://www.urgupballoons.com/

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Deadline: Rolling Basis  Location: Remote   Type: CEO  Salary: Revenue generated by the website


Owing to the exceptional growth in balloon industry in Cappadocia/Turkey, Urgup Balloons has initiated a new project to design a website that enables potential customers to compare prices of flights, check the availability of seats and book their flights. In other words, this project aims to design a new website that possesses the same function as https://www.skyscanner.net/. By using this website, customers will have access to all information needed(prices of balloon-rides provided by all companies operating in Cappadocia/flight types/duration of flights) regarding balloon flights. This website will eliminate information asymmetry between customers and hot air balloon companies by providing an intermediary between them. In Cappadocia/Turkey, Balloon companies are dependent on tourism agencies to reach customers. Therefore, they are paying a considerable amount of commission money to those agencies. This, in turn, increases the flight-prices and damages balloon companies’ profitability. Given this reason, this website will lower the transactional costs arising due to balloon companies’ inability to reach customers.

Why join?

Urgup Balloon is planning to set up this new business as a separate company. It is a great opportunity for those seeking to establish their own business. Urgup Balloon will provide necessary support for the growth of this website and play as an insider role in the balloon industry to provide required information and communication with other companies.

Qualifications & characteristics

  • Ability to comprehend business requirements and be able to map them to technical data requirements.

  • Pursue and focus on long-term achievements.

  • Constructive, creative towards problems occurring in the development of the project.

  • Web analytics knowledge/experience

  • Produce clean, performant and maintainable code.

  • Passionate, determined characteristics and disciplined work ethic are musts.

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