THE BAKERY START INCUBATOR PROGRAMME: Too often, technical founders create companies to only later discover that they do not address real market problems. Even worse, getting to this conclusion often takes years of founders’ time as they go through several business iterations. The Bakery has set up the Start Programme to enable you to build companies that respond to immediate challenges faced by industry today. We give you exclusive access to the key stakeholders – the decision makers and people who matter – within corporates who possess decades of industry experience.

For this Start cohort we’ve partnered with a large multinational company who operate in the media and entertainment space (with a focus on broadcast, e-sports, gaming and betting). They have identified a number of diverse and high-value challenges in their business, ranging from the identification and prevention of IP piracy to the automated understanding of video data, to creating new ventures in augmented reality, blockchain and online gaming. These challenges are not specific to this corporate however; what’s exciting is that they are rarely understood and untapped high-value problems that exist in other companies and different industries altogether . Depending on the solution you build, it’s likely you’ll discover other customers for which your technology provides a solution

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Deadline: Rolling Basis  Location: London  Type: Full-time, Graduate   Salary: £1,500/month


Through joining Start Programme, you’ll go through a journey to discover the sector’s true pain points, while at the same time securing the best footing available upon which to start a company, solving real market needs. We’ve unlocked the problems, found your first customer (even your first potential investor): now all we need is you. Members of the cohort are placed onto a structured programme where you can meet a co-founder, gain access to corporates’ real pain points, and develop a network with London’s investment and entrepreneurial community. At different stages of the programme, teams are eligible to raise a pre-seed and seed round from our fund, as well as receiving a guaranteed monthly stipend of £1,500. If you’re a software engineer or entrepreneur looking to build a new company that addresses proven market needs, we want to meet you. Our next cohort begins in July 2019, and will be addressing the sports, e-sports, broadcast, gaming and betting sectors.

The first 3 months of the programme comprises of team formation, ideation and prototyping. The Bakery and the corporate will support you to maximise your chances of building a defensible and scalable business. During this time you will find your co-founder from the cohort, as well as make use of the available opportunities to access our partner in order to understand their true pain-points.

Three months into the programme you will pitch, as part of your newly formed company, to the investment committee (comprised of The Bakery & the corporate partner) for a pre-seed funding round of £25k.

Companies who receive investment will automatically join the Accelerate Programme; this provides a further three months of intensive support and mentoring for you to build on your business’ proposition. At this stage companies are expected to start commercial trials or begin gaining revenue.

At the end of the full six months companies may pitch at The Bakery Demo Day, if they wish you to raise further funding; our corporate partner (as well as the wider Bakery network) will be invited whom all have substantial investment funds.

Upon graduation companies will continue to have support and mentoring from both us and the corporate. Your new company will be free to operate from the location of your choice, seek further investment and build new relationships with other customers. You’ll become part of The Bakery family – with all of the networking and opportunities to connect with large businesses that this brings

Why join?

  • Learn from the best on how to start your own company – we have 5 years’ experience helping startups to scale and helping corporates to innovate

  • Get paid a £1,500 / month stipend to start your own company

  • Gain access to our corporate partners’, datasets, business problems and insights

  • Access to The Bakery’s wider entrepreneur and investor network

  • Meet a co-founder and gain mentorship

  • 24/7 access to a co-working space based in London

Qualifications & characteristics

We are looking for entrepreneurial talent with an interest in the gaming, e-sport, broadcast media and betting sectors; we are also interested in hearing from software engineers and developers with a particular interest in mathematics, fraud-detection, artificial intelligence, blockchain, game design and augmented reality (amongst other specialisms with commercial application). Our cohort will be weighted to include more of those who can evidence deep technical and software engineering skills.

  • Candidates with an entrepreneurial background, or

  • Candidates with software engineering experience (of all varieties)

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