is a digital assets marketplace built and run on blockchain technology. Empowering artists & collectors to create, discover and own rare digital assets. Curated content showcasing the very best rare digital artwork & collectables. To foster and enhance the art world using blockchain technology. Providing true ownership of authenticated, trusted and verifiable digital art works. Be at the forefront and shape the future of web 3.0 and DApp technology and tooling. The art market is a $45-billion annual market. Research from National Art Index shows millennials collect art at a higher rate than all previous generations with 56.9% of young millennials (18-24) preferring to buy art via an online marketplace or website as they find traditional galleries and auction houses off-putting. Built here in Manchester, we have established ourselves as a leading decentralised application in this nascent field. Read our story from inception to now:

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Deadline: Rolling Basis  Location: Manchester  Type: Part Time/Graduate Role    Salary: Uncompensated initially – on site training


We are engineers at heart and have built a solid platform now we people to help spread the word using social media, marketing, campaigns, and innovation! In the early 1990’s the WWW revolutionised information. 10 years later, the Internet became more mature & programmable. We saw the rise of the so-called Web 2.0, which brought us social media and e-commerce platforms. It revolutionized social interactions, bringing producers and consumers of information, goods and services closer together. Now we are moving into a new phase of web 3.0 – join us on the journey to imagine this brave new world of decentralised computing and applications. We can help you get skilled up and understand web 3.0 and you can help us spread the word and get more people engaged with our blockchain product: We need media savvy skills to simply get eyes on the site and educate people about our mission to sell more digital art and allow artists and creative monitise their work.

Why join?

David Moore, Andy Gray and James Morgan are the co-founders of one the fastest growing Ethereum art platforms within decentralised Web 3.0. A little over 4 months ago we launched with a POP-up gallery in Manchester (the birthplace of the first modern computer). We now have 25 artists on the platform, over 80 editions and more than 100 digital artworks have been sold to date. To get the full story about the launch of the Beta you should check out this article: “What you need to know about”, an Ethereum art platform.

How does work?

  • Empowering artists with a platform to showcase and sell their work securely supported with a blockchain solution

  • Create rare digital artwork

  • Artists create digital artwork that can be submitted for consideration to gallery 

  • All files are held decentrally on IPFS, assets are given unique identifiers which can be tracked with provenance maintained

  • Submit artwork to the gallery

  • The artist controls the number of copies that exist which creates scarcity

  • Once all the assets have been sold no more will ever be created

  • All digital artwork can be traced transparently using blockchain technology and anyone can view the transfer history

  • Sell rare digital art to a new wave of art collector

  • Collectors can buy rare, digital assets with the smart contracts handling splitting commission to all parties involved 

  • No middleman is required, artists will immediately receive remuneration of their hard work and effort.

Come and learn all about us and get involved with our mission!


Qualifications & characteristics

Passion for growing an idea and getting this idea in front of new people and customers. Social media savvy would be beneficial. Marketing ideas also welcome.


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