JAMEBI’s mission is to supply a robust long-life device to deliver low cost safe drinking water in the sunny tropics globally and save 450,000 lives in the next 20 years. The sectors in which we activate are healthcare, water, sanitation, hygiene, renewables, and NGO’s. Our flow-through household-scale solar water pasteuriser called JAMEBI has been rigorously tested under a high-profile WHO appraisal scheme. The size of a bed, its purpose is to deliver clean off-grid water (ie >99.99% reduction) pathogen-free drinking water. JAMEBI delivers comprehensive protection against pathogens, including even under high pathogen challenge levels. Now at TRL 8-9, with a UK OEM manufacturer already in place, JAMEBI is poised for global market, and capable of mass production.

Milestones to Date:

2012 – Technology conceptualised.
2013 – Prototyping variants analysis.
2014 – Small scale proof of concept.
2015 – Full pre-production prototype validated in UK summer.
2016 – Starts WHO scheme to evaluate household water tech.
2018 – WHO reports performance: “Comprehensive Protection – Two Star”. Lethality v bacteria, viruses & protozoa & lt: 99.99%.
2018 – Now achieves TRL 8-9 since WHO rating and OEM manufacture now in place, a few global accreditations for materials etc may yet be needed, depending on the market.
2019 – Offers clean drinking water at only £0.2p per liter.


•       One generic product.
•       Clone manufacture easily anywhere.
•       Scale up to supply whole towns by unit replication.

Differentiation from other drinking water technologies:

•       Irreversible thermal protein denaturation.
•       Off-grid. No power / electricity / fuelwood / oil.
•       No filters to unblock / replace.
•       No electronics = reliable in humid tropics.
•       No chemicals, no off-taint no off-smell. Unlike chlorine.
•       Low lifetime cost water, undercut by a few eg chlorine.
•       Fit – Low maintenance.
•       Household-scale. Typically 150 litres/ day.
•       Set up in 2 hours. Low skills. Water 4h later.
•       Flat pack / store 20y for emergencies.
•       WHO high tier testing credibility.
•       Kills all microbial pathogen classes, even at high challenge levels. Unlike chemicals (get used up).

Founder Bio

Barry Johnston, MSc. Aquatic biologist and serial solar technology product inventor-developer-entrepreneur. In 2018 Barry raised £500k, (VC / Innovate UK), for AssetCool an innovative coating technology he invented. This lets electrical power grid operators transmit 20-40% more current down existing power lines, delivering valuable reductions in power cuts, energy waste, carbon emissions and infrastructure capex. Previously Barry won two SMART awards, for innovation and achievement, in the solar heating technology space, developing Solartwin. £20m worth of goods and services sold worldwide.


Website: http://www.jamebi.com/


Explore roles at JAMEBI

Deadline: Rolling Basis  Location: FexlibleType: Flexible  Salary: Uncompensated/potential shares for top performers 


A small number of people with business experience or entrepreneurial instincts needed to take a start up business from validated product into market and beyond. 
We are seeking people with potential to be future directors of finance, strategy, operations, sales, marketing, export etc. Or existing experience of this. 

Why join?

  • Ethical company with an amazing life-saving water pasteuristaion technology which has been validated by the World Health Organisation.
  • Work with a proven innovator who takes products from concept to funding to market.
  • An entrepreneurial opportunity to take a company from initial business plan to profitable trading and saving lives.

Qualifications & characteristics

You should have at least five of the following attributes with two at a high level. Experience in:

  • business fund-raising (£5k-£5m range)
  • finance
  • business plan creation or development
  • business strategy
  • sales
  • marketing
  • export
  • route to market
  • water safety technology
  • solar
  • international development aid
  • manufacturing
  • engineering
  • innovation
  • management
  • accounting
  • quality and environmental management.

You should be interested in saving around 500,000 lives over 20 years, and in working out the best way how, while using the jamebi technology, while retaining a sound commercial perspective.

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