Emma is your financial advocate. Our mission is to empower people to live a better and more fulfilling financial life. In an age where there are thousands of financial products, managing and controlling money has become extremely difficult. We want to put an end to this. We believe money management should be easy and straightforward. You should be able to access all the information regarding your personal finance from the push of a button. We think anyone should have an advocate that is here to help in our everyday life, no matter who we are and where we come from. For these reasons, we are building Emma, because we believe we can improve the financial well being of millions of people. Emma was founded by engineers, who are extremely focused on coding, product and data. These are the three pillars on which we want to build a strong tech culture and fix personal finance once for all.

​​WEBSITE: https://emma-app.com

Explore roles at Emma

Deadline: Rolling Basis  Location: Remote   Type: Part Time   Salary: £5/sign-up


You will be part of our product development team and understand all the different flows we are implementing, with the aim to help us optimize and have excellent retention rates. Acquisition and retention are your daily bread. You are not scared of writing and looking into data. You will be leading our growth efforts and have total freedom to try, test and iterate your own ideas. From great power, comes great responsibility! 😉

Whom we are looking for: 

  • A person that understands what it takes to go from 0 to 1.

  • Has an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Bold enough to try new things without the fear of failing.

  • Wants to make decisions and take full ownership.

  • Has incredible analytical/quantitative skills.

  • Able to write amazing content.

  • Understands SEO, ASO & SMO.

  • Can hustle through adversity.

Why join?

We are a group of creators, engineers and incredible product people, whose mission is to empower millions of individuals to live a better and more fulfilling financial life. Founders are University of Manchester alumni and are looking to hire people from a community who gave them the insights and skills to fund a business. 🙂

Qualifications & characteristics

We don’t have any specific requirement for this position, as long as you have great ideas and something to show. We want to have someone who is completely aligned with our vision and is a growth person by nature.


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